Company Profile

We at Allcar Automatics specialise in reconditioned automatic gearboxes. We offer the best possible service at affordable and realistic prices. We have been serving the public for over 25 years ensuring our customers that we have the knowledge and experience in getting the job done.

As a company we are committed to employing dedicated staff and investing in the very best technology available today. Before any automatic transmission service commences each vehicle is road tested and checked first for any electrical problems that may have occurred causing the transmission to fail.

This is done by using one of our diagnostic code readers. If a replacement gearbox is required all of our transmissions are hydraulically bench tested using our answermatic testing machine. This ensures us that you are receiving quality and reliability at the highest possible standard.

We will always provide you with a full written estimate for the repairs to you vehicle ensuring you of no hidden or extra costs.

We believe in getting it right first time, every time for all our customers.